Winnsboro High School

Homecoming Week! Raiders vs. Sabine 7:30; Homecoming Activities begin at 7pm @ Red Raider Stadium
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The Winnsboro High School Library is packed with resources that Red Raiders can use to be successful!
  1. We have an excellent collection of fiction books for pleasure reading, with great promotional events throughout the year to encourage students to investigate that section.
  2. We have a thorough selection of print non-fiction and reference materials that can assist with almost any class project.
  3. We have 24/7 access to the TexQuest databases...vetted, credible online reference materials that cut the guesswork out of surfing the web.
  4. We have 21 desktop computers that are available for students.
  5. We have a library staff that is always ready to point you in the right direction.
Welcome!  Explore!  Inquire!  Read!