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The Student Council is made up of campus presidents, captains, and other leaders. This group serves as ambassadors of our campus and are chosen by faculty, administration, and peers. Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. Barnhart are this group's sponsors.

Older children and teenagers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) typically have trouble with both verbal and non-verbal communication for social purposes.

Student Council 2017-2018


Cynthia Aragon


Karen Aragon


Noah Azlin


Callie Baber


Carley Baber


Carissa Bruton


Jocey Duffer


Magda Gutierrez


Jannah Haney


Davis Jones


Kaitlin Jones


Kristen McMillian


Alexus Nance


Levi Reed


Hallie Rose


Sonia Santos


Amanda Santoy


Stormie Slater


Mattie Taylor


Hayley Weems