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  • Check this page OFTEN for scholarships that have been added
  • Check your email OFTEN once you have applied to schools
  • Make sure you have filed a scholarship application with your schools
  • Check the admissions portal for the schools where you have applied (you should have received an email with instructions for logging on to these portals)
  • Keep up with financial aid and scholarship awards offered and RESPOND by deadlines
  • Stop in and see Mrs. May if you need help with applications, financial aid, or scholarships.
  • Collect Tax information to prepare for the earliest filing of the FAFSA in October of your senior year
  • Complete a High School Resume
  • Request letters of recommendation from teachers and employer




  • FAFSA Website
  •  You and your student will need a FSA ID.
  • You will need your 2016 taxes to file FAFSA for the 2018-19 School Year
  • FAFSA now utilizes a data retrieval tool through the IRS. It takes about 2 - 3 weeks after taxes are filed for it to show up when filling out the FAFSA.
Winnsboro High School 
Class of 2019 Scholarships
*Local Scholarships*
Gerald and Charlie Stoker Memorial 2/1/19
East Texas Communities Foundation Complete Scholarship List 2/1/19
City National Bank 2/15/19
Foundation of Rural Service Scholarship 3/1/19
Cooperative Teachers Credit Union (CTCU) 3/29/19
Northeast Texas Community College 3/15/19
Peoples Telephone (Education Scholarship Fund) 3/29/19
Peoples Telephone (Telecommunications Scholarship Fund) 3/29/19
Winnsboro Rotary Club 4/2/19
Wood County Electric Coop  4/5/19
Smiles Made For Life  4/9/19
 Raider Pride Scholarship   4/26/19
Winnsboro Baseball Softball Association  5/1/19
 Winnsboro Youth Football League  5/1/19
Spanish Club Scholarship  5/3/19
 Gladys Burkham Memorial Scholarship  5/6/19
 Wood County Retired School Personnel Association  3/13/19
 Winnsboro Wellness Coalition  5/1/19
 John and Rheba Myers Scholarship  3/1/19
 The David Allen Vance Memorial Powerlifting Scholarship  4/1/19
Winnsboro Manor Scholarship Cover Letter  
 Winnsboro Manor Scholarship  4/1/19
 NTCC - Foundation Scholarship  3/15/19
 Wood County Aggie Moms Club  4/1/19
Lions Club Scholarship  4/5/19
First National Bank Application  3/15/19
Stokes Scholarship  5/1/19
Wood/Rains County A&M Club
American Legion Scholarship Guidelines
American Legion Scholarship
Gus Garrison Scholarship/Masonic Lodge
Corey Ray Memorial Scholarship
Audry Owens Memorial Ag Scholarship
Northeast Texas County & District Clerks' Scholarship
Team Worldwide
HAWKS Scholarship
Wood County Farm Bureau Scholarship
Winnsboro Four Corners Foundation
*State/National Scholarships*
Due  N/A
My College Guide  N/A
 Sallie Mae Scholarship Search  N/A
 Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship  1/30/19
 Abbott & Fenner  6/14/19
 BigSun Organization  6/19/19
 Ronald McDonald House Charites  2/28/19
 National Scholarship Index  
 National Dixie Youth Baseball Scholarship  2/1/19
Sports In Action Scholarship  2/1/19
College Covered Scholarship  1/31/19
IVLA Scholarship  4/30/19
 Work Ethic Scholarship  3/28/19
 Imagine America Foundation  
ScholarshipBuddy Texas